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Parking Fines!

Don't Panic if you received a Final Demand or Removal Notice for outstanding parking ticket. Contact us we can get the warrant revoked and case returned to the Council or TfL on congestion charges Transport for London. If you have paid a bailiff to release your vehicle we can reclaim your money back. If your vehicle have been towed-away we can GET it back through the Court Parking

Bailiff Advice Council Tax

Bailiffs uses variety of tactics to ensure that payment is made for arrears of your Council Tax. Bailiff companies will be writing with a variety of different letters i.e. Final Warning, Removal letters etc. Sometimes these letters are personally delivered. The method of delivery can vary from company to company, these letter can be very frightening indeed specially to those vulnerable people, foreign students and/or people's first language is not English. Some letters or cards may say that they will be attending “with a locksmith”, to “break into your home” and to “remove your property” and others go so far as to say that if you do not allow them entry into your home, that they can “recommended committal proceedings”. Council Tax

Here is Rochdale Council accepting our representation and recalling debts from bailiff" ”I have also taken into consideration your representations about their current ability to pay and have recalled the debts back from the Council’s bailiff and set up an interim arrangement to pay – per month commencing 1st October 2013. This will be reviewed on 1st April 2014. If I can be of any further assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me again. Click Here

Magistrates's Court fines....

Magistrates Court Fine will be for any of the following: • Driving offences: such as speeding. • Driving without a licence, insurance or car tax. • Driving whilst disqualified etc, • Not having a TV Licence You must treat a Magistrates Court fine as a priority debt because you could be sent to prison if you default on payments, if you have received a demand from bailiff concerning Magistrates Court fine contact us on 0113 858 0098 Tough new laws designed to protect the public from aggressive bailiffs are being implemented by Government.Click Here Bailiffs and councils must make sure debts are collected in a fair and responsible way, Justice Minister Lord Faulks said today. Read Full Story


On 30 July 2012 our client's vehicle was released by Marston bailiff free of charge and our client was awared cost assess at £475.00 CAR RELEASED FREE

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Bailiffs are to be banned from entering homes at night and from using physical force against debtors under new laws coming into effect this weekend